Thursday 14 January 2016

The hottest flow studies!

New schedule of flow studies, Coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic, Volume X etc.

Dr Jesse Yoder founder Flow Research
Flow Research is continuing their work in this area through the industry group called Flow Recalibration Working Group they started building last year. This group’s membership continues to grow.  The goal is to formulate criteria for determining when a flowmeter should be recalibrated. The formation of the group is in direct response to requests made by end-users in the Middle East who want help in determining when their ultrasonic and turbine meters should be recalibrated.
In addition they have completed two flow calibration studies, Worldwide Gas Flow Calibration Facilities and Markets and Worldwide Liquid Flow Calibration Facilities and Markets. The reception for these studies has been extremely positive, and it is believed that they will make a significant contribution to companies who are concerned with the subject of flowmeter calibration.

Their schedule of studies for 2016. is also available on the website.


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