Thursday 14 January 2016

Advanced quotation module for contract labs.

A new, advanced quotation module for the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information System (LIMS) will greatly benefit contract laboratories by simplifying the process of producing customer quotations. The new module, from Autoscribe,  seamlessly interacts with the laboratory sample testing components of the LIMS and can create customer specific pricing, manage discounts, automatically handle the whole process of generating quotations, work orders and invoicing.

Matrix Gemini’s advanced pricing module allows prices to be allocated to individual tests and groups of tests. This greatly reduces the time and complexity of producing quotations, particularly in product testing, which can involve testing many types of materials from individual product components to the packaging.

Other capabilities include the allocation of discounts per customer or per individual job, or the setting of inter company or inter departmental pricing structures. In addition surcharges for carrying out tests within a certain time frame can be added. With this degree of flexibility it is possible to not only create generic price lists, but price lists for individual customers, if required. When pricing reviews are due, a revised price list can be set up which will automatically supersede the current list on a user-defined date.

The quotation process is fully automated. The number and type of samples are entered into the system, together with the test combinations for each sample and an e-mailable PDF quotation is automatically created, complete with the date period it is valid for. There is provision to add specific comments to the quotation and to configure the format to suit the particular organization.

Once a quotation has been accepted, the module can also automatically convert the quotation into a job/project, subject to receipt of a purchase order, confirmation of funds or even pre-payment if required, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

The software also supports a variety of billing options. Specific work can be marked as non-billable and partial billing of work orders/jobs/projects is supported. For added flexibility, monthly billing is also supported. Billing can be made by department as well as cross-charging between laboratories and/or sites. Invoices can be produced directly or by exporting data to a 3rd party accounts package.

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