Friday 29 January 2016

Library of mechanical motion products & solutions.

Thomson Industries has launched a new, multilingual website that improves access to its extensive library of mechanical motion product and application solutions. 

The new website has a smart, modern design which is responsive to differing mobile, tablet and PC screen sizes. It saves user’s time with features that include an enhanced search engine, user-friendly navigation and new context-sensitive related product information. Thomson has also included an improved 3D model viewer, which is compatible with most common web browsers. 

“As we build new product and application solutions, Thomson generates a wealth of useful information that helps design engineers and component buyers get their work done. This new website makes it easier for busy people to get the critical information necessary to solve problems and move on to their next task at hand,” said Rob Gallagher, Director, Marketing Communications at Thomson. “And, global contact information makes it easy to reach the right Thomson people to solve problems which require engineer-to-engineer collaboration.”

Customers and prospects can visit now to find motion control sizing and selection tools, detailed application renderings, educational resources, and rich, well-organised technical data on thousands of motion control components. The revamped website works well by providing:
• Easy access. Dynamic, responsive screen resolution adjustment accommodates everything from widescreen PCs to mobile phones and touch screen-friendly operation.
• Easy search and navigation. Enhanced search engine and filtered search saves time and enables more effective content searching for resource, product and application data.
• Easy to understand. Clear, context-sensitive product information includes expanded detail on product features and benefits, cleaner 2D line drawings, and ready links to companion products
• Easy on the eyes. An attractive look and feel, which features fresh product and application images and a clutter-free design.
• Easier purchase. Distributor locator makes it easy for customers to connect orderable products with preferred local distributors.
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