Friday 29 January 2016

Graduates join international trainee programme.

Three university graduates have begun a year-long internship at Westermo as part of its ambitious new international trainee programme, which aims to advance the skillset of participants and attract talented people to the company.

Elena Bersanini, Manne Hellsing and Khawar Naeem are the first trainees taking part in the programme. During their internship they will experience a number of different roles within various departments at Westermo’s facilities in Sweden and some of its other international offices. This will provide them with a valuable insight into how the company operates.
LtoR: Elena Bersanini, Manne Hellsing and Khawar Naeem.

Elena Bersanini is from Milan, Italy, and has an MSc degree in international business administration and management. She has previously worked in India and Britain, and was most recently a marketing manager in her home country.

Manne Hellsing hails from Strömsholm in Sweden and recently finished a master’s degree in engineering at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna.

Khawar Naeem, from Islamabad, Pakistan, has a master’s degree in telecommunication engineering and has worked in Pakistan, Sweden and Oman.

“The twelve-month international trainee programme is a mix of theory and practice,” said Anne-Li Hallblad, HR manager at Westermo. “During the year they will perform a number of jobs, and receive training and guidance to help them develop. After they have completed the training programme, a suitable position will be found for them within the Westermo organisation.”

Westermo provides reliable, resilient and secure industrial networking technology for critical applications around the world. The internship will show the trainees how the company develops, produces and markets this technology. As part of their learning process, the trainees will take courses in sales presentation techniques, product education, project management and leadership, among other subjects. Each trainee is assigned a mentor, who will act as their support and sounding board throughout the programme.

Westermo hopes that the programme will enable trainees to advance at an accelerated pace, with the goal of them becoming suitable for leading positions, therefore bolstering an already strong workforce.

“We will encourage the trainees to step out of their comfort zone and try new things in new areas,” Hallblad said. “The idea is for the trainees to be challenged and stretched, and for them to grow.”

The first three trainees on the programme have high hopes that it will put them on the path to a fulfilling and enjoyable career with Westermo. Manne Hellsing said: “I think the trainee programme will be interesting, challenging, and a huge opportunity for me to develop professionally. I hope that it will be the start of a successful, long-term collaboration.”

“We are delighted with the quality of the three initial trainees, but we are always looking for additional candidates who enjoy new challenges, and who are good at taking on board information, analysing problems and coming up with solutions,” Hallblad said. “We’re looking for people with effective communication skills and the drive, confidence and resilience to get things done.”

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