Monday 1 February 2016

Installation Testers with FREE Current Clamp and data management software!

Until 30th of April 2016 or while stocks last, Fluke (UK) is offering a free current clamp to end users purchasing a multifunction installation tester, plus free data management software with the higher end testers. The Fluke 1650 Series of multifunction Installation Testers are designed for high productivity testing and verification of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations.
The Fluke 1652C is the ideal tester for all domestic applications, covering all the basic needs for testing to the 17th Edition wiring regulations / Part P of the building regulations. The 1652C-CLAMPKIT includes a free Fluke 323 Current Clamp. The Fluke 1653B is ideal for professional trouble-shooters working in both domestic and commercial applications. The 1653B-CLAMPKIT/D includes a free Fluke 324 Current Clamp and free Fluke DMS Data Management Software. The Fluke 1654B is the complete tester for virtually all electrical wiring installations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The 1654B-CLAMPKIT/D includes a free Fluke 325 Current Clamp and free Fluke DMS Software.

The Fluke 320 Series true-rms Clamp Meters are engineered to produce noise-free, reliable measurements in the toughest environments. Designed to be long-lasting and easy to use, they are ideal for rugged, all-purpose use in residential, commercial, HVAC/R and light industrial electrical applications. Featuring easy-to-read displays and with CAT III 600V/CAT IV 300V safety ratings, all models measure true-rms AC voltage to 600V and true-rms AC current to 400A for accurate measurement of non-linear signals. The Fluke 324 and 325 models additionally feature a backlit display and capacitance measurements from 100 to 1000 microfarads. The 325 model further offers DC current measurements up to 400A, as well as frequency and resistance measurements for motor testing, and also provides a Min/Max function.

The Fluke 1652C, 1653B and 1654B Installation Testers show two measurements at once on a dual display. This can show PEFC/PSC and loop impedance results in parallel negating the requirement to run the tests separately, more than halving the test time of some loop testers. The Fluke DMS 0100/INST Data Management Software uses the 1653B or 1654B captured results for data recording, offers easy-to-use administration and reporting in compliance with BS7671 IEE 17th Edition Wiring regulations, and provides printing of test reports compatible with a range of standard certificate requirements.

All three models feature a high-current loop test which gives extremely fast measurements when testing in circuits where no RCDs are being used. They offer both non trip and the high current test so the user can select depending on the application. In addition there is fast voltage measurement between L-N, L-PE and N-PE using the mains cord, with no need to change measurement connections.

There is a PASS/FAIL indication for RCD test results, and a variable RCD current mode for customised settings. Requiring no separate batteries, a slim probe with test button supplied with the testers enables initiation of a test without the need to access or reference to the front panel when probing hard to reach points. An Earth Volt Touchpad detects earth voltages raised above 50V to indicate potentially dangerous situations.

The Fluke Installation Testers are compact, lightweight (less than 1.2 kg) and have a padded neck-strap to free testers’ hands for testing. For ease of use, a rotary dial clearly indicates which function is selected, and provides access to all functions in one place to avoid complex multi-level menus, so that even after a long period of non-use the tester remains intuitive to use. A large display with backlight uses clear symbols and has an exceptionally wide viewing angle for easy and safe readings.
All Fluke 1650B Series models have detachable standard 4-mm leads that can be replaced if damaged or lost, and require no customised special connectors. A Zero Adapter ensures easy, reliable and accurate test lead and mains cord compensation. The adapter can be used for all kinds of mains plugs and test accessories like probes and alligator clips.

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