Thursday 11 February 2016

Wireless Research wins Excellence in Automation Award.

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute announced today that it presented PETRONAS the “ISA100 Wireless Excellence in Automation Award”* for a recently completed research project that quantified the performance of an ISA100 Wireless™ based safety system at an offshore operational site.

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute presented PETRONAS the award at the 2016 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, (FL USA) on Wednesday, 10 February during the “Minimizing Safety Risks with Asset Performance Management.” The session was hosted by Paula Hollywood.

PETRONAS is recognized for conducting rigorous testing and analysis of an ISA100 Wireless safety system operating on an offshore oil platform with remote wireless monitoring located on another platform 5 kilometers away. The key strategic goal of its research was to improve safety and reliability of asset management. In order to reach this key strategic goal, the PETRONAS team set two research objectives:
  • To assess the stability and reliability of long-distance communication of an ISA100 Wireless safety system in a harsh offshore radio environment, and
  • To confirm the performance and interoperability of an ISA100 Wireless safety system.
The team believes that its research has proven concrete benefits of ISA100 Wireless in safety applications, delivering cost reductions and operational flexibility; and that ISA100 Wireless, taken as a wireless standard, is able to deliver the full wireless functionality. The research team concluded that:
  • ISA100 Wireless communication has been proven reliable over long distances.
  • Interoperability has been proven to be simple plug and play of various vendor devices into the network.
  • ISA100 Wireless is fully functional in a mesh, star, or a mixed topology.
* Details of the research study, findings and conclusions are available on the ISA100 WCI website at Petronas ISA100 Wireless Study.

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