Friday 26 February 2016

Level switch for food & beverage sector!

The Liquipoint FTW23 is a compact, cost-effective, capacitive point level switch from Endress + Hauser It is especially for water-based liquids in the food and beverage industry. Designed for hygienic processes such as water, beer, fruit juices, milk, etc., and for use in storage tanks, mixing vessels and pipes, it meets FDA requirements and is 3-A and EHEDG certified. Due to its compact design, installation is simple even in tight conditions where access is restricted.

The Liquipoint FTW23 is built for basic food applications such as liquid media without build-up in the food and beverage industry and complements the Liquipoint FTW33 conductivity point level switch which is used in tough applications where build-up on the sensor is likely, and where a flush-mounted sensor is needed. The FTW23 and FTW33 complement the already available Liquiphant FTL31 and FTL33 product family of reliable point level switches for detection in liquids and pastes.

All surfaces that are in contact with the process are made of robust 316L stainless steel material with PEEK insulation, making it suitable for cleaning and sterilization in place (CIP/SIP). The FTW33 can operate within a process pressure range of -14.5 to 232 psi and a temperature range of -4 to 212° F. For cleaning and sterilization processes, it can withstand a temperature of 275° F for 1 hour.

Additional benefits include:
• Test the function of the switch output with a test magnet
• No calibration or adjustment needed
• Continuous self-monitoring
• Designed for CIP and SIP cleanabilty up to IP69k
• Individual adjustment to each medium not necessary
• LED indication for on-site function check

• The FTW23 is part of the Endress+Hauser E-direct product offering providing customers with quick, effective way to purchase easy-to configure products via the E-direct website.

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