Wednesday 3 February 2016

It's an ill wind...!

2015 was the best year ever for OTT Hydrometry in Britain. “Product sales were very good across all ranges,” Managing Director Nigel Grimsley tell us. “Our water quality, level and flow monitors all performed very well; as did out meteorological, datalogging and telemetry instrumentation.”

Nigel believes that the effects of Climate Change will increase the need for hydrometeorological equipment. “The potentially devastating effects of severe weather can only be prevented or limited by accurate monitoring with telemetry so that appropriate action can be taken in a timely manner,” he says. “However, it is also vital to be able to model the likely effects of high water and heavy rain before it takes place, so that flood prevention and mitigation schemes can be implemented. Monitoring plays a key role; not just in the creation of these models, but also by supplying near real-time data during adverse weather to improve and optimise warning systems for communities and infrastructure.”

The increased frequency of severe weather events is clearly having a positive effect on OTT’s sales figures, with the OTT Pluvio2 and ecoLog products selling particularly well. The Pluvio2 is an advanced raingauge operating on the weighing principle, which means that it is able to measure all types of precipitation extremely accurately, whilst also providing intensity data. The OTT ecoLog is a complete system for logging and transmitting water level data in boreholes and surface water.

“Bad weather obviously stimulates our business, but continual investment in product development also increases the popularity of our technologies, and the complete monitoring systems that we build make it easier for customers to start collecting and disseminating data.”

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