Wednesday 17 February 2016

Highlighting performance improvement opportunities in energy sector!

Emerson is to serve as Foundational Partner for IHS CERAWeek 2016, seizing this important opportunity to engage with energy industry leaders on the predominant topic on their minds: the future of the industry in an era of historic low oil prices.

This year’s IHS CERAWeek theme, “Energy Transition: Strategies for a New World”, addresses the challenges facing the global industry at a time of major change and uncertainty. Emerson sees this turbulent market as an impetus for transforming outdated project and operating models with new technologies and approaches that create business impact. Energy producers are increasingly seeking new ideas and fresh perspective on how to achieve capital efficiency, production optimisation, employee safety and emissions reduction.

“Emerson has long served as a trusted partner to the industry, helping energy leaders harness automation and predictive analysis to drive better project and operations performance,” said Steve Sonnenberg, president of Emerson Process Management. “That goal has never been more important than it is today. It is Emerson’s responsibility to help customers extract the greatest value from their assets and utilise game-changing technologies to accomplish that. We look forward to contributing to this important discussion at CERAWeek.”

Emerson will have an extensive executive presence throughout the conference, participating in a range of strategic dialogues and expert sessions, including “Operational Strategies for a Low Cost World”, “Squeezing More From Brownfields”, and “The Intersection of Technology and Projects for Capital Efficiency”. Throughout the event, Emerson executives will join other industry leaders in thought-provoking dialogue on how energy producers can weather market challenges with greater capital efficiency and improved operational performance.

“Energy industry leaders are laser-focused on lowering costs and improving production and operational efficiency,” said James Rosenfield, IHS senior vice president and co-chair of CERAWeek. “Technology is at the heart of the energy transition. We welcome Emerson as a Foundational Partner and look forward to the insights and perspectives they will bring to the CERAWeek community.”

“The energy industry is impacted by many external factors, but each company still has a tremendous amount of control over its own destiny,” said Sonnenberg. “The time is right to transform capital project and operations performance for the new reality.”

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