Monday 15 February 2016

Safety comms standard, first in China.

Following successful standardisation of PROFIBUS and PROFINET in China, PROFIsafe – the first and only communication-based safety standard – has now been elevated to the status of a Chinese national standard. 

This is further evidence that PI technologies are highly regarded in China – not least because of their high quality but also based on their large installed base and reliable organization. Functional safety has long played a very important role in production facilities in industrialized nations. The importance of functional safety in China has risen enormously in recent years.

The use of fieldbus-based functional safety not only enables the setup of simple safety functions that initiate safe stopping of equipment under hazard conditions in order to protect humans and machines. It also offers intelligent methods for prevention of hazards without having to stop production with a shutoff device. An example of this would be to reduce the speed of robot motions or self-driving vehicles to an extent that people moving in their vicinity can easily evade them. PROFIsafe provides a very sound technological basis for this and supports these functions within the framework of profiles.

After successful conclusion of all standardization activities and votes in the national standardization committee, establishment of a certification lab for PROFIsafe devices, and successful development and certification of an initial product  by an original Chinese company, PI has met all requirements for the status of a national standard and is listed under designation GB/T 20830-2015.

This was acknowledged in an official ceremony in the presence of more than 100 high-level representatives of the Chinese economy and universities in which PI Chairman Karsten Schneider participated. Leading up to this, experts from PI and the PI Competence Center and ITEI test lab (Instrumentation Technology & Economy Institute, P.R. China) in Beijing collaborated closely with the Chinese national standardization committee SAC/TC124 Industry Process Measurement and Control.

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