Monday 29 February 2016

Wireless Stack & Communication Module to standard.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has released a new ISA100 Wireless Stack & Communication Module that has achieved ISA100 Wireless certification. The ISA100 Wireless certification provides assurance that devices using the Murata communication module will properly interoperate in all ISA100 Wireless compliant networks.

The LBBA0ZZ1EU-xxx ISA100 Wireless Stack & Communication is the newest ISA100 Wireless Compliant™ stack to be certified by the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute. 

The LBBA0ZZ1EU-xxx is a fully integrated 2.4GHz wireless module and ISA100 Wireless stack featuring a low power radio design. The LBBA0ZZ1EU module will allow device suppliers to develop ISA100 wireless products easily and efficiently.  An evaluation board, UAP sample code and an RF test tool are ready for allowing the user to implement, test and verify the ISA100 wireless device functions. View the certification by clicking here.

“The Murata communication module is the fourth ISA100 Wireless™ compliant module included in the ISA100 Wireless portfolio,” remarked Andre Ristaino, Managing Director of ISA100 WCI. “ISA100 Wireless™ uses IPv6 addressing natively in the standard, establishing the foundation for wireless IIOT well into the future.”

“The LBBA0ZZ1EU-xxx will allow users to develop ISA100 Wireless products more quickly, easily and efficiently,” said Takeshi Sato, who heads the IoT Solution Business Development Department at Murata. “We look forward to seeing new products utilizing our module in the portfolio of certified ISA100 Wireless.”

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