Wednesday 3 February 2016

Oil and gas operators maximise production and efficiency.

Emerson Process Management and OVS Group are helping oil and gas producers accelerate decision-making to more effectively operate their oilfield assets. Emerson has expanded its Integrated Operations (iOps) solutions to include workflow software modules from OVS Group.

Gas-Lift performance curve with table of 
optimisation opportunities.
Integration of Emerson’s technologies and OVS software means users across the oilfield can automate the analysis of their data and reports to capture opportunities more efficiently. The joint solution works with Emerson’s DeltaV™ distributed control system via OPC connections and database integration to provide information for OVS’s comprehensive group of oilfield software solutions. OVS’s industry-proven software solutions assist oil and gas operators with oilfield applications such as gas lift optimisation, cyclical steam generation, and decline curve analysis.

Combining sensing, control, and workflow automation, oil and gas producers can automatically capture actionable events and drive insights that produce improved execution. Less time will be spent looking for data, performing data loading, and generating the manual reports that currently consume the bulk of the industry’s time.

Emerson’s iOps initiative addresses key areas including workflow automation to reduce errors in tasks, and information visualisation to improve decision making. Combined with sophisticated analytics from OVS, the integrated solution enables users to accurately and easily assess key information and identify opportunities for operations and business improvements.

“In today’s market, efficient production is crucial. We are pleased to be working with OVS to provide our clients with scalable solutions that can be applied today and drive greater operational efficiency,” says Jerry Brown, senior vice president of Emerson’s industry solutions.

“OVS Group has worked with operators over the past decade to develop a library of discipline-focused best practices that can leverage a very broad suite of the asset data and industry applications including the real-time and historical data from field automation,” said Sebastiano Barbarino, OVS Group CEO. “With this Emerson alliance, operational data will become a standard component of the best practices across disciplines to fully automate asset management and reduce the time and resources required to produce and optimise oil and gas.”

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