Thursday 14 January 2016

Colour digital panel meter.

The Micra-M, is a programmable color digital panel meter with the update technology, which accepts input signals for: Process (mA, V), Temperature (sensor Pt100, thermocouples), or Load Cells (mV/V, mV). The MICRA-M we are supplying now is an updated and improved version of our successful digital panel meter.

New features include:
Firmware version M2.00, fully compatible with Ethernet option (ETH) which allows access to embedded web server to visualize process variables; extended Thermocouple J and K ranges, additional type N; Top display range up to +39999 points (versus 19999 before) and extended adjustment offset range (-19.9 to 99.9 degrees).

  • New 'Eco' function for energy saving. New 'Input Error' function for overflow, sensor break or zero input detection.
  • New added logic functions and commands.
  • New definition of relay contact status by default (NO/NC) to make its use compatible with FAIL SAFE function.
  • Time response for analog output has been reduced to 10ms and it is possible to select over range indication ('Hi' or 'Lo') level.
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