Monday 11 January 2016

A new development in the processing publishing business in Britain.

ProcessingTalk – the Process Business Review

Nick Denbow
ProcessingTalk  is the new identity for the Nick Denbow blog which he intends to strengthen now that he has retired as European Correspondent of the Industrial Automation & Process Insider (INSIDER).

For most of his career Nick Denbow was in Marketing roles dealing with novel techniques for liquid level and flow measurement instrumentation, also developing specialisms in ultrasonics, electrostatics, VA flowmeters, water industry and nuclear applications. He served also as a PR writer (primarily for one of the major suppliers) and then a website publisher, Editor, and, as we have indicated, a newsletter producer.

His work on the INSIDER, the restricted circulation newsletter sold on annual contracts, started in 2010 when he took over the editing role for the Industrial Automation + Process Control INSIDER newsletter from Andrew Bond, who had run the newsletter for about 15 years.

The INSIDER newsletter was transferred to Spitzer and Boyes in the USA as from the end of 2013 and Nick continued as the European Correspondent for a period of two years.

Why Processintalk?
Historically the Processingtalk website was in fact a innovative first generation internet based website, publishing news releases relevant to the process instrumentation and automation industry.

As always happens, the success of the group of sites known as the ProTalk sites led to the sale of the business to a powerful publishing house, which promptly killed them off. They were magazine publishers who possibly did not really understand this new fangled internet thing. Fortunately, the new blog carries a collection of the editorial articles, newsletters and reviews published by Nick Denbow, originally as editor of the Processingtalk and published during its lifetime between 2002 and 2010. As such a retrospective, the entries carry a date showing the original publication date however some of the links may be inoperative after such a long time on line.

We wish Nick, who has been a friend to Read-out for many years, every success in this new development. We know that his unique experience will be of benefit to the automation and processing sector into the future.

He has been welcoming stories since the 1st January 2016.

 @processingtalk #PAuto 

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