Wednesday 20 January 2016

Safety, explosion mitigation and prevention enhanced by acquisition!

Newson Gale has been acquired by the HOERBIGER Group and is now a member of its Safety Solutions business segment. Hoerbiger is comprised of leaders in their respective explosion protection segments including IEP Technologies in explosion protection, the Combustion Research Center in materials testing and Newson Gale in controlling electrostatic ignition hazards.

Newson Gale's Earth-Rite Range
Newson Gale will continue to trade under the Newson Gale brand, with the current management team remaining in place. "Our commitment and focus at adding value to our customers by preventing fires and explosions caused by static discharges remains unchanged and we will continue to develop and bring to market performance defining static control equipment and services."

For decades, the Hoerbiger has been an innovation and technology leader for explosion protection and check valves to be used in oil, gas, carbon and dust applications as well as in the mechanical and plant engineering industry. The introduction of the business segment Safety Solutions within the Group underscores this commitment to innovation and technology as well as our continuing focus on our customer’s safety.

“With the acquisition of Newson Gale, HOERBIGER Safety Solutions enhances its position as a leading player in safety and explosion mitigation. We have searched for, and found, a partner who will be committed to the future success of Newson Gale", says Newson Gale Managing Director, Mr. Graham Tyers.

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