Wednesday 3 June 2015

High-contrast mono LCD touch displays with colour option.

Varitronix has announced the availability of a range of High-Contrast Mono LCD Touch Displays with the option of adding Colour Filters. The displays use Improved Black Nematic (IBN) technology to provide a very high contrast ratio of around 1000:1 with extremely low bleed-through of light around the edges of the ON segment characters and graphics. IBN is a Negative Mode Transmissive LCD technology for low to medium multiplex applications.

Colour filters can be customer-specified to provide areas of bright, coloured characters on a black background. As an alternative option to colour filters, tri-colour backlights can be specified to highlight the display status with differing colours.

IBN technology offers a stable optical performance and wide viewing cone over a typical operating temperature range of -30 to 85 deg C and typical drive conditions of 1/9 Duty, 1/4 Bias. The Varitronix range of High-Contrast Touch Displays are manufactured to very high quality standards, providing durability and long-life. The IBN technology is already widely used within the Automotive sector for dashboard and HVAC applications where clarity of information over a wide viewing cone is paramount. Other market sectors are now looking at this enhanced technology as an easy way of upgrading the visual appearance of the end product.

The touch displays are manufactured in accordance with international certifications including ISO 9001 for general quality management and ISO/TS 16949 for quality management of automotive products.

The High-Contrast Displays will have a wide variety of applications, including automotive, industrial, commercial and medical markets.

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