Tuesday 16 June 2015

Encyclopedia explores temperature measurements and nanomeasurements!

The 'Handbook of Thermometry and Nanothermometry' presents and explains of main catchwords in the field of temperature measurements and nanomeasurements. This the first, well illustrated in full color, encyclopedia contains more than 800 articles (vocabulary entries) in thermometry and nanothermometry, and covers nearly every type of temperature measurement device and principles. This makes this book unique!

Written by experts, the book at the first place is destined for all who are not acquainted enough with specificity of temperature measurement but are interested in it and study literary sources in this realm. The authors tried to enter maximally on catchwords list the issues, which refer directly or indirectly to thermometry as well as to nanothermometry. The last one is the most modern chapter of thermometry and simultaneously of nanometrology.

The Handbook of Thermometry and Nanothermometry is a probably a 'must have' guide for both beginners and experienced practitioners who want to learn more about temperature measurements in various applications: engineers, students, researchers, physicists and chemists of all disciplines. In addition, this book will influence the next decade or more of road design in the nanothermometry.

• 'Handbook of Thermometry and Nanothermometry'
Publisher: IFSA
ISBN: 978-84-606-7518-1; e-ISBN: 978-84-606-7852-6; 
486 p., paperback (print) and pdf (electronic) formats.

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