Wednesday 3 June 2015

Domed top column load cell.

Applied Measurements have introduceed their smart new domed-top version of our existing column load cell which replaces the 0.25% accuracy CCD model that featured a flat top.

This new CCDDT domed-top version offers the following benefits:
  • Better pricing on higher capacities
  • Shorter delivery times:
    ONLY 4 weeks for capacities 200te and below, 5 weeks for 300 – 500te and 6 – 8 weeks for 1000te load cells. 
  • IP67 environmental protection as standard
Including the fantastic new benefits above, the CCDDT domed top column load cell is also optionally available as an IP68-rated fully submersible device for use in arduous environments such as offshore oil and gas, marine and subsea applications.  The CCDDT offers accuracies of <±0.15%/RC on capacities up to 50te and <±0.25%/RC on capacities of 100te and above.

If those accuracies aren’t sufficient for your application we can offer the CCDHA high accuracy column load cell which is specially designed for use as a reference standard in verification and calibration systems, or in high accuracy monitoring and control systems, with an accuracy of <±0.10% of rated capacity.

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