Friday 19 June 2015

"New benchmark for standard valves!"

Festo has launched a new entry-level standard valve range, the VUVS series.  The new valves are robust and durable, providing a long service life, and are extremely easy to mount, enabling machine builders and engineers to enhance the design of their systems.

Economically priced valve series VUVS – suitable for a wide variety of applications
The VUVS valves have very high flow rates for their size, of up to 2,000 l/min with an operating pressure up to 10 bar, ingress protection to IP67and are available in optional ATEX variants. The valve range starts at 1/8” ports in a 20mm body and are simple to fit on any machine. They are ideal for vacuum and low pressure applications such as simple clamping and locking operations in semiautomatic assembly, as well as larger production lines across all industries.

“These new valves aim to fulfil all the demands made on modern valves for universal use,” says Jacqui Hanbury, product marketing manager at Festo. “Festo has offered solenoid valves for many years, however with this new VUVS series we are able to offer a robust, high quality product at an excellent price, yet guarantee simpler installation and assembly, numerous standard functions and still with an attractive design.”

The VUVS valves are available with a wide range of accessories that make them exceptionally flexible in use and mounting.  For example, they are offered with manifold rails and cover plates which enable the valves to be mounted in any orientation to best fit the machine. For additional flexibility, it is easy to change between internal or external pilot air connection, and the user can have multiple pressure zones on one manifold.

Solenoid coils can be simply swapped for different operating voltages, which reduces warehouse costs, and the rotatable coil can be adapted to make wiring easier in difficult installation conditions.

The VUVS valves are available with next day delivery, as pre-assembled units with silencers, fittings and coils, or as ready to install individual valves saving engineers time and associated costs with installation.

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