Friday 19 June 2015

Explosion proof linear actuator. #PAuto @ExlarActuators

The Exlar® linear actuator line from Curtiss-Wright Corporation, has been expanded to include the EL120 explosion-proof linear actuators.
Their EL120 linear actuator meets ATEX requirements for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and are in conformity with the EU ATEX Directive 94/9/EC as well as the IECEx Scheme. Additionally, it is rated for Class I, Div 1, Groups B, C, D, and T4 hazardous environments.

Features include
• Speeds up to 37.5 ips (950mm/s)
• Forces up to 4000 lbs (17kN)
• Strokes up to 18 inches
• Feedback configurations for nearly any servo amplifier
• Several mounting configurations
• Windings available from 24 VDC to 460 VRMS
• Completely sealed motor assures trouble-free operation
• ATEX Ex d IIB +H2 T4 Gb
• IP66
• CSA Class I, Div 1, Group B, C, D, and T4 hazardous environment rating
• IECEx CSA 14.0014X
• Valve control
• Damper control
• Gas turbine control
• Printing presses
• Engine test stands
• Fuel skids
• Paint booths
• Shipboard fuel management
The EL Series of linear actuators integrate a highly efficient planetary roller screw mechanism with a high torque servomotor in a single self-contained package. This highly robust design is engineered to provide reliable and precise operation over thousands of hours, handling heavy loads—even under arduous conditions.

These servo-electromechanical systems offer a clean, fast, simple, and cost effective replacement for hydraulic actuation and longer life alternative to pneumatic actuation. Superior servo-electric actuator reduces emissions, minimizes energy consumption (80% system energy efficiency), increased position control and accuracy – all leading to lower cost.

For process applications, the EL120 offers a unique combination of high speed, performance, and accuracy. High performance is achieved with respect to speed, linearity, load sensitivity, deadband, and temperature range. For gas turbines with variable guide vanes, the EL120 actuators provide precise positioning and feedback for fine tuning injector airflow to maintain CO and NOx emissions. In oil and gas applications, the EL120 effectively managed pressure drilling choke valves or any valve application that requires extremely fast response to the smallest command signal changes without overshoot, even when friction is present.

The Exlar EL Series provide, a superior and cost-effective solution even in the most severe and demanding environments.

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