Tuesday 9 June 2015

Exit buttons!

Stadium IGT have partnered with Acal BFi to create a range of break-through panel mounted illuminated exit switches offering the end user a choice of capacitive touch switch or electromechanical push button for actuation. 
This innovative HMI solution features Stadium IGT’s patented thin film backlighting embedded into the back-plate, offering optional colour-ways and customisable legend, providing a modern and sleek alternative to conventional switch plates.

This advanced HMI solution enables illuminated user instructions to be incorporated into the unit design, removing the need for additional displays or signage. The electromechanical push button version is well suited to building, industrial and safety applications where a conventional switch with a positive tactile response is required.  For offices, hospitals and public buildings where a high-end finish is desired, the capacitive touch switch version will be a welcome alternative for architects and designers.

The new exit switches use either a rugged and reliable industry standard dome actuated push-button or a high reliability backlit capacitive touch switch mounted on an acrylic material incorporating the patented thin-film LED illumination technology from Stadium IGT.  The material can be screen printed with different colours of text, making a low profile, low power consumption 12VDC powered unit that can be retrofitted to existing back boxes or supplied with a back box for new installations. The standard text is ‘Press to Exit’ for the mechanical version and ‘Touch to Exit’ for the capacitive version, however, customers can personalise the switches based on text, illumination colour, switch style and operating voltage. Please consult factory for details.

Terry Moss, Sales Director at Stadium IGT, comments, “We have collaborated with Acal BFI to create the customisable exit switches making our thin-film illumination technology available to much wider markets and offers a simple to buy, industry standard footprint control switch available on short lead times. The market has been limited for choice of "Press to Exit" switches from the typical industry standard product; a bulky stainless steel switch and panel solution with very limited illumination options.”

Darren Preston, Sales Development Manager - HMI & Sensors at Acal BFi said: "Having discovered a potential need in the door entry and access markets for a more aesthetically pleasing ' Press to Exit ' solution, Acal BFi have worked in partnership with Stadium IGT to produce a viable alternative to the traditional stainless steel push-button switch panel. The electromechanical ' Press to Exit ' and capacitive ' Touch to Exit ' solutions provide installers, architects, designers and facilities managers with a reliable LED illuminated product that can be offered as both a new and retro fit door access panel in a variety of different applications."

Stadium IGT offers its customers a time and cost saving single source for complete in house control panel design and manufacture. Stadium IGT HMI products may be specified for use in environmentally hostile conditions and are suitable for use in Marine, Aviation, Railway, Medical, Military, Industrial and Broadcast applications.

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