Friday 19 June 2015

Weighing terminals!

Siemens is upgrading its weighing technology portfolio to include two complete packages for standalone applications: The new weighing terminals Siwarex WT231 for non-automatic scales and Siwarex WT241 for belt scales combine weighing electronics and touch panel in a single unit. The two new weighing terminals can be set up as a standalone solution with the utmost speed and simplicity, and using an RS485 Modbus RTU interface they also allow integration into any commonly used control environment.

Siwarex WT231 for non-automatic scales
Due to its extensive diagnostic capability and limit value control, the Siwarex WT231 weighing terminal with integrated WP231 weighing module can be used in industries demanding a high degree of accuracy, for instance food and beverage production and the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Its primary applications include level measurement and platform scales.

Siwarex WT241 for belt scales
The Siwarex WT241 weighing terminal with integrated weighing module WP241 for belt scales offers not only a high level of measurement accuracy but also an array of supplementary functions. Six totalizers determine the required material quantity. In addition, a simulation mode for belt speeds and belt loads enables a fully fledged application test – even without the scale or speed sensor connected.

The two new weighing terminals are equipped with a 4 inch touch panel and a high-resolution TFT widescreen color display. These provide valuable support to users in the form of intuitive operation as well as rapid parameterization and commissioning. The IP65 protection rated stainless steel housing allows the new complete packages to be used without problems in a wide range of different industries: From food, pharmaceutical and chemical through to mining, cement production and steel making.

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