Tuesday 23 June 2015

Tiny wireless switches!

The outstanding feature of .steute's new RF 13 wireless switchgear series is immediately obvious: they are extremely compact in their design. In figures: with housing dimensions of just 49 x 40 x 21 mm, they are the smallest self-sufficient wireless switches for industrial applications currently on the market.

And – what cannot be seen – they are also characterised by a switching performance to match that of any microswitch.

They can be integrated just as easily and flexibly into steute Wireless systems as our larger series. Like them, the RF 13 is also equipped with an electrodynamic energy generator. This miniaturised generator converts the kinetic energy produced by actuating the switch into electrical energy, which is then used to transmit the signal. This means that the switch is able to work self-sufficiently. It needs neither batteries nor an external power supply, i.e. no cables.

Another thing which makes it so flexible to incorporate is the fact that it is compatible with all actuators in the .steute range. Finally, its miniaturised design makes the RF 13 perfectly suited to applications for wireless switches in places where they really make sense because space is so tight – e.g. for position monitoring in or on moving systems such as tools, feeders and handling systems.

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