Monday 15 June 2015

Reliable moisture readings at sub ppm levels.

Michell Instruments has launched its latest quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) moisture analyzer for demanding process applications, where reliable and accurate readings of low moisture levels are critical.

QCM is a well-established technology, often specified for gas and petrochemical processing applications. Michell’s QMA601 process moisture analyzer uses the latest generation of this technology, which gives it a lower detection limit of 0.1ppmV and an upper range of 2000ppmV.

The QMA601 also features a built-in auto calibration function – traceable to NPL and NIST – where an integral moisture generator provides a reference which is used to verify the measurements to ensure user confidence. In addition to this, precise temperature control of the moisture generator, sensor and flow control devices keeps the analyzer stable independent of changes to the ambient conditions.

The analyzer is easy to install, use and maintain. It features a full-colour touch-screen interface which allows interrogation and operation in situ, with no need for a hot-works permit. All data logging and readings are easily visible, and the main display also incorporates real-time trend graphing and alarm indicators.

Field service is also uncomplicated: the desiccant dryer is easy to remove and replace on the sampling panel. The moisture generator has an average life span of 3 years before replacement is required and the analyzer will therefore perform reliably for many years with just basic maintenance and housekeeping. A full range of service spares are also available.

The analyzer is fully certified for use in hazardous areas around the world, with accreditations from ATEX, IECEx and cCSAus.

• Michell products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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