Tuesday 16 June 2015

Easy safety identification labels!

The new Brady Workstation enables users to create safety signs, CLP labels, pipe markers and Lockout/Tagout procedure visualisations in just a few clicks. It is a freely downloadable app environment with a friendly user interface that places all safety identification design at your fingertips.

Easy to use label design apps
These apps have been designed to enable extremely fast label and signage creation. The Express Signs App offers safety sign templates to choose from, enables users to add custom information and to print the sign with a Brady printer in mere minutes. The Pipe Marker and Arrow Tape App work in much the same way, while the Custom Designer App offers a blank canvas for users to play with. All of these apps can be used free of charge.

Added value apps
The CLP/GHS Label App and the Lockout Writer App are two highly specialised apps available in Brady Workstation. The CLP Label App supports the creation of compliant CLP Labels, while the Lockout Writer App visualises existing Lockout/Tagout procedures for compliancy communication on the workfloor. Both of these paid apps include a 14-day free trial for users to assess their value for their businesses.

Customise, create & print
Brady Workstation does not require users to install every app but instead offers the possibility to select the apps that best suit their needs. More apps will appear in Brady Workstation in the future! Labels and signage created in Brady Workstation can easily be printed with Brady’s BBP™31 or BBP™33 Sign and Label Printer, the BBP™85 Sign and Label Printer or the GlobalMark™ Multicolour and GlobalMark™ Colour & Cut Printers. With Brady Workstation, you can have all safety identification at your fingertips!

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