Tuesday 9 June 2015

Spanish company joins #wireless group!

Spain-based Bitherm SL has joined the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute. Bitherm SA specializes in steam traps for steam and condensate networks.

Bitherm SL was founded in 1977 in Spain and has since become a pioneer in the development of cutting-edge steam traps for steam and condensate networks. The company offers a variety of products including steam traps, a monitoring system, compact steam trap stations, manifolds and portable detection equipment.  The company also provides services, including a complete steam trap maintenance program, leak detection in steam traps and valves, energy audits, implementation of intensive maintenance systems, steam trap inspections, residual energy recovery installations, training, talks and seminars.

Bitherm SL is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the ongoing trend of convergence between the remote sensing field and the industrial instrumentation field.  In order to best address this dynamic, Bitherm group is supporting ISA100 Wireless technology.  The ISA100 Wireless network meets all the requisites that the non-critical monitoring application of Bitherm group demands:  reliability, security, and scalability for data connectivity between limited power sensor nodes and the remote sensor.

“With the deployment of ISA100 Wireless networks, the Bitherm Group will be able to offer its clients a flexible and complete monitoring system that increases the number of sensing nodes available for hard-to-reach locations,” said Vicente Blazquez, Founder and CEO of the Bitherm Group. “And the selection of ISA100 Wireless as a communication protocol standard guarantees interoperability with different providers, allowing Bitherm Group technology a smooth transition into existing markets.”

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