Monday 29 June 2015

Energy harvesting switch evaluation kit.

Cherry Industrial Solutions has released an updated Evaluation Kit 2.0 to demonstrate their market leading Energy Harvesting Switch Technology. The kit, containing an energy harvesting generator, rocker switch and a snap-action switch, receiver with antenna, USB cable and receiver manual, provides users with a functional demonstration of the Cherry technology and the ability to test key parameters, including signal strength and range, in their own application. A detailed manual, drivers and software for the receiver are available for download from their website.

These Energy Harvesting Switch Modules meet the increasing demand for simple and flexible wireless data transmission of switch signals with maintenance-free low energy consumption. Ith provides effective control solutions for countless applications in almost every market sector including industrial and building automation, smart home and medical. Designed for global use this innovative technology enables Cherry to offer an excellent alternative to wired or battery-powered solutions. Compatible with multiple wireless protocols and with no need to change or dispose of batteries the solution is flexible, environmentally friendly and maintenance-free.

The Cherry Evaluation Kit 2.0 allows users to measure switching performance, transmission range and signal strength, and determine the environmental influences on the wireless signal in various applications including buildings and industrial automation. The addition of a (non-functional) energy harvesting generator means that mechanical design considerations, including mounting position etc., can also be simulated. The Evaluation Kit uses a ZF proprietary communication protocol and the company is happy to work with customer-specific OEM requirements. To ensure worldwide wireless compatibility an OEM system may be specified to operate at 868 MHz and 915 MHz, or 2.4 GHz for lighting applications.

In OEM applications “Flexible Pairing” allows the operation of several switches with one receiver and vice-versa, and a switch “Unique ID” provides clear identification while operating several switches at once. Up to three telegrams are sent per actuation, with pseudo-random timing to assure robust data transmission.

The Evaluation Kit, P/N AFIK-1002 includes an Energy Harvesting Generator, Snap Switch, Rocker Switch, Receiver with antenna, USB cable and receiver manual. The switch and receiver products are all available as individual items from RS Components.

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