Friday 19 June 2015

Heat monitoring system to portfolio added to range!

As part of its on-going growth plan and commitment to working with well-respected manufacturers and high quality products, world leader in occupational health and environmental noise and vibration monitoring instrumentation, Svantek has joined forces with LSI Lantem to become distributor in Britain for the Italian company’s newly-launched Heat Shield.

The compact system is designed to help reduce the risk of overheating whilst working in hot environments such as bakeries and foundries, where the use of ovens and furnaces mean that heat stress is a constant concern for employees.

John Shelton, Managing Director at Svantek, comments: “As part of our continuing expansion programme we are adding heat stress and personal air sampling monitors to our product portfolio, whilst continuing to lead the way in noise and vibration monitors for occupational health and environmental protection. 
Heat Shield is the most versatile and advanced heat stress monitor that we've seen.  As well as measuring WBGT (wet bulb temperature – the most widely used and accepted index for assessing heat stress in industry), it can also monitor Heat Index, PMV (predicted mean vote), PPD (percentage people dissatisfied), PHS (predicted heat strain) and many more parameters.”

Heat Shield’s built-in radio technology also provides an option to link two satellite stations wirelessly to the main monitoring station, allowing companies to measure simultaneously at three different heights or in three separate locations.

Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions both indoors and out, the new heat stress monitor provides a quick, reliable and accurate assessment of heat conditions.  Its HS Manager programme allows data to be transferred from the monitoring unit to a PC, in order that the information may be assessed and evaluated.  Employers are thus alerted if steps need to be taken to improve thermal comfort in the workplace.

John concludes:  “We are delighted to be working with LSI Lantem and this state-of-the-art metre.  It is one of a number of products that we expect to play a significant part in the continued growth and ongoing success of Svantek.”  

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