Friday 5 June 2015

Wheel guided, belt-driven units.

Thomson Industries has released a new video to introduce the benefits of the WH SPEEDline wheel guided, belt-driven units. The units are ideal for high speed (10m/s max.)  and long stroke (11m max.) applications which may also require multiple orientation or multiple axis configurations. The SPEEDLine WH40 positioning slide is a miniaturized linear drive unit designed for extremely small and compact dimensional applications.  Built with a low coefficient of friction, these slides make it easy to fit smaller motors.

Kyle Thompson, Product Line Manager at Thomson in North America who is featured in the video, explains how WH linear units can perform at higher speeds because they do not use the re-circulating bearing elements found in round or profile rail bearings. H-type wheel guides used in combination with 60 Case® shafting enable higher speeds and provide the stiffness required to handle moment loads.

Kyle uses the WH80 unit to demonstrate the speed of operation but the range is also available in 50mm and 120mm profile widths to suit application requirements. The WH series is ideal for high throughput applications such as packaging, filling and dispensing, material handling and factory automation.

This video, WH80 Belt Unit, Wheel Guided System, (and several others) may be found on their website here

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