Wednesday 14 May 2014

Hygienic motor-gear combination.

Kollmorgen has intruduced a new version of its AKM™ "Washdown Food Grade" servomotor. Combined with a high performance AKM™ gearmotor and efficiency-optimised angular gearbox, "Washdown Food Grade" servomotors deliver a standardised motor-gear solution in a single, compact package. This advanced level of integration allows for successful implementation in most transport and turning applications in the food and beverage industries as well in downstream packaging.

Powerful, ready to install, washable
Eye catching shape and colour. The
new AKM gear motors in the special
"Washdown + Food" design dispense
 with corners and edges
These are the three main advantages of the ready-to-install motor-gear unit in the Hygienic Design. You can achieve significantly reduced cleaning times as a consequence of smoother and water-repellent surfaces, lower energy costs thanks to the highly efficient motor-drive combination, and simplified machine design possibilities due to space-saving assembly without additional stainless steel housing.

Shape and color are striking due mainly to the rounded design of the gear motor with its smooth, white surfaces. It prevents the build-up of bacteria and facilitates simple cleaning from the very beginning. The FDA-compliant material of the coating supports the drainage of liquids as a result of its hydrophobic properties such that no residues can form on the surface - which is helpfully supported by the fact that corners and edges are dispensed with. So that the gear motors can be installed quickly, Kollmorgen offers a two plug connection version with Resolver or Multiturn EnDat encoder, and the innovative single-cable connection technology.

The digital resolver SFD3 or a Multiturn Hiperface DSL encoder is used as a feedback system. Fewer cables mean reduced cost and effort involved in both installation and cleaning maintenance.

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