Wednesday 7 May 2014

New input connection options extend flexibility power supplies!

Excelsys Technologies, specialists in high efficiency user configurable power supplies, has further increased the flexibility of their market leading UltiMod and Xgen series with the introduction of a wide range of input connector options. This new range of Input connection options provides system designers with increased ease in system design-in and continues to make Excelsys products "The World’s Most Flexible Power Supplies."
The UltiMod and Xgen series of modular power supplies have been designed into a wide range of applications in medical, industrial, hi-rel and communications applications. To facilitate ease of system integration Excelsys have now developed and characterised a range of input connector options as follows;

Option 0: Standard IEC320 inlet: This is the most commonly used input connector for the UltiMod and Xgen. No Minimum Order Quantities.

Option D: 3 Wire Flying lead input: 500mm, L, N and E input cable option that allows customers to use their own preferred input connectors. No Minimum Order

XE1: IEC to Screw Adaptor: A simple plug in adaptor connector that provides Screw terminal input connections. See UltiMod and Xgen Catalogues for details.

In addition to the above, there are also commercially accessories that can be used with the standard IEC320 input connector, for example;

Locking IEC Power Cords: There are now a range of lockable IEC Power Cords suitable for use in applications that can be subject to vibration. Excelsys recommends the use of Schaffner IL13 or equivalent.

IEC to Spade Terminal Adaptor: For applications where Spade input terminals are preferred, Excelsys recommends the use of Schurter IEC Appliance plug 4787.

Custom Solutions
They  can also create custom application/customer specific cable and connector solutions. Details of all possible connector options, including drawings and design assistance are available from Excelsys Technologies

Dermot Flynn, European Sales Director for Excelsys Technologies comments; “All versions of our latest UltiMod series and the very successful Xgen configurable power supply family can now be supplied with the best-fit input connection to make the job of system designers as simple as possible. Combined with our exceptional user configuration options and our global sales channels our UltiMod and Xgen power supply families really are world beaters.”

Providing industry leading power density of 17W/in3 and incredible efficiencies of 90% in a 1U package the Excelsys UltiMod and Xgen series provides power solutions from 200W-1450W and sets the standard for highest performance in the smallest package size.

These power supplies are available with high temperature ratings, -20ºC to +70ºC, low operating noise versions, medical approvals and can be ruggedized and conformally coated for Military and COTS applications.

Output voltages may be specified from a very wide number of PowerMods including nominal output voltages of 2.5V, 5.0V, 12.0V, 24.0V, 48.0V, and 24/24V. As all modules are isolated polarity is user selectable and modules may be configured in series or parallel for higher output voltages or current. All Excelsys power supplies have a universal input range, 85-264VAC and over voltage protection. All possible configurations carry full safety agency approvals, UL60950, EN60950 and are CE marked.

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