Monday 12 May 2014

Gateway solutions for EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP/IP network.

The PLX30 Ethernet and Serial Gateways from ProSoft Technology, are powerful and cost-effective solutions for connecting end devices to an EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP/IP network.

These gateways offer real-time, bi-directional data transfers between devices on dissimilar networks.

They are stand-alone, DIN-rail mounted gateways that provide one Ethernet port for communication, remote configuration and diagnostics and up to four isolated serial ports. The PLX30 gateways also come with an SD Card slot for storing configuration files. In the event of a failure, the SD card can be transferred to another gateway reducing downtime.

Each gateway delivers fast real-time data acquisition; flexible communication methods; disaster recovery support; remote configuration and diagnostics as well as a wide input power and extended temperature range.

Each EtherNet/IP gateway features multiple I/O connections; client and/or Server capability; a 4,000 word database; CIP and PCCC Messaging; Add-On-Profiles for RSLogix 5000/Studio 5000 v. 20 and above. The multiple I/O connections allow for fast communications between devices such as HMIs, SCADA Systems, Power Monitors and Flow Computers. The gateway can be setup to send and receive data to or from and PLC-5, SLC, HMI or any other device communicating via CIPP based messaging.

Each Modbus TCP/IP gateway features up to 10 Client and 10 Server connections; a 4,000 word database and 160 fully configurable commands.

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