Tuesday 6 May 2014

Rugged vehicle computers!

JLT Mobile Computers has launched the VERSO+ 10 computer with QuickLock, a new class of rugged vehicle terminals. Equipped with an Intel® Core(tm) i5 processor, the VERSO+ 10 computer provides leading performance in the industry's smallest rugged form factor, making it a perfect choice for installations in tight cabins or other small areas.

With a quick-mount feature, QuickLock, the computer can easily be attached and detached in a vehicle to simplify service, being moved between vehicles or prevent theft by removing it at the end of the working day. With a 10 inch sunlight readable XGA display and scratch resistant multi-point touch, the VERSO+ 10 computer becomes an extension of the heavy-duty JLT VERSO series that also includes 12 inch and 15 inch computers. It provides the same high reliability as the rest of the VERSO series when used within very tough environments such as mining, ports, yard-logistics, freezer storage, forestry, and agriculture.

The VERSO series launched in the first quarter of 2013 and has since ramped quickly and been adopted by customers around the world with high demand for performance, ruggedness and reliability. With the new VERSO+ 10 computer, with QuickLock feature and a smaller form factor, customers now have a more flexible and compact alternative, but with the same outstanding performance and ruggedness.

As with all JLT computers, the VERSO+ 10 computer is built from the ground up to deliver maximum reliability and function in very demanding environments. It comes with an Intel Core processor or an Intel dual-core Atom D2550 processor. Built-in features include a 9-36 VDC power supply, a backup battery to ensure uninterrupted operation during power drops, WLAN communication with built-in highly sensitive PIFA antennas, custom-made for reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in environments with poor coverage. New with the VERSO+ 10 computer are Bluetooth PIFA antennas with a resulting reliable communication with low-power hand carried peripherals, and the option of external antennas for both WLAN and Bluetooth for very demanding environments such as ports and other wide areas. The VERSO+ 10 can also be equipped with 3G WWAN communication. The VERSO+ 10 computer can be ordered with Windows 7 Pro or Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Embedded 8 Standard operating systems.

"With the new VERSO+ 10 computer, we build on the success of the VERSO series of heavy-duty vehicle computers that, since its launch in January last year, is being selected by customers within mining, sawing mills, off-shore, ports and other demanding applications," said Per Holmberg, CEO at JLT. "With the VERSO+ 10 computer, we reinforce our leading position within the high-end of the market by providing the smallest form factor and greater flexibility with the same high performance."

More and more customers also go for the JLT:Care Service Level Agreement. With this "No-Questions-Asked" service added, customers are guaranteed a high support level and short repair times to maximize the up-time of the computer at predictable cost.

The VERSO+ 10 computer is available now with a dual-core Intel Atom processor D2550 and can be ordered from JLT Sales Partners. The Core processor option will start shipping in the second half of 2014.

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