Saturday 17 May 2014

Learn about offshore measurement!

Real-World Offshore Applications from DONG Energy, the British Geological Survey and Canyon Offshore

Industry experts will present on the latest measurement technologies for the oil & gas and renewable industries at the NI Offshore Measurement Summit 2014. Held at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen (Scotland), 1st July 2014, the summit will focus on rapid development with reconfigurable off-the-shelf platforms to gain a competitive advantage by focusing on IP development, productivity and reducing time-to-market.

Themes covered throughout the summit include:
  • PC-Based Measurements – Whether PC-based research and development, or rugged deployments offshore, learn about high-performance customised systems that combine measurements such as vibration, temperature, strain, pressure and flow.
  • Custom Embedded Development with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Platforms - Projects such as subsea prototyping and volume deployment can be expensive in terms of initial development cost, time to market and product life cycle management. Presentations in this theme will focus on the significant benefits realisable when using an off-the-shelf approach.
  • Asset Condition Monitoring – Rotating machinery requires maintenance to prevent failure. Learn how to develop a bespoke condition monitoring system using off-the-shelf tools, in order to reduce downtime and lower repair costs; whilst lengthening maintenance cycles and optimising machine performance.
Presentation highlights:

  • The keynote will explore the rapid development approach of using COTS platforms to develop highly flexible bespoke systems.
  • Frederic Perdrix of Houlder Ltd will discuss how Lloyds Register certified off-the-shelf hardware for the 70-ton gripper arm used in offshore wind turbine installation.
  • Morten Pedersen, Director at CIM Industrial Systems will reveal how Vestas Technology reduced the cost of energy by developing a test program that verifies design whilst proving reliability.
  • Delegates will also explore real-world offshore applications created for the leading companies in the industry such as DONG Energy, the British Geological Survey and Canyon Offshore.  

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