Tuesday 13 May 2014

Handheld oscilloscope offers 4 channels and a 500MHz bandwidth!

Fluke has introduced a new 500MHz bandwidth, 4-channel, handheld oscilloscope - the first instrument with these capabilities on the market. Targeted at industrial electronics maintenance engineers, electronic field service engineers and other professional engineers and technicians in the field, the rugged Fluke 190-504 Series II ScopeMeter® offers 4 isolated input channels which give the option to simultaneously measure voltages and current independent of the reference potential in harsh industrial environments up to 1000V CAT III /600V CAT IV.

The Fluke 190-504 Series II ScopeMeter effectively offers a range of tools in one – a high performance portable scope with 500MHz bandwidth, real time sample rates up to 5GS/s, 4-channel isolated inputs for differential measurements and four meter measuring options.

It offers advanced analysis and measurement capabilities for complex troubleshooting, using 4 input channels to inspect signal amplitude, time or waveform correlation. Use of the automatic power and energy measurements allow an understanding of efficiency and energy in industrial power systems, and inspection of voltage and current waveforms of modulated power signals. Specific analysis such as amplitude versus frequency domain spectrum, pass/fail envelope or capturing complex signals using pulse width trigger are all possible.

The Connect&View™ triggering feature offers hands-free operation, providing an immediate, stable display for capturing and displaying complex waveforms for rapid fault finding. The TrendPlot™ recording function helps uncover long-term trends over a period of up to 22 days and shows changes in any of the measurable parameters, like the rise-time of a signal. Frequency Spectrum Analysis using FFT helps to identify individual frequency components contained in a signal. The ScopeRecord™ roll mode allows waveform recordings to be made over an extended period of up to 48 hours. A 'Replay' function enables the user to take a closer look at any anomaly seen flashing by on the screen, by re-playing the last sequence of 100 screen images.

The Fluke 190-504 ScopeMeter comes with a 3-year warranty. It is rugged and portable with an IP51 drip and dust proof rating and a Li-ion battery for an extended operating time-span, with easy access for battery switching to extend operating time. It offers a USB host port for direct connection of memory storage devices and a USB device port for easy communication with a PC.

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