Thursday 15 May 2014

Feedback: everything you need in just eight wires!

Kollmorgen has been able to halve the number of connecting wires required for its digital resolvers from four to two with the newly-developed SDF3. The company uses the feedback system developed in-house as part of its single-cable technology between the servo drive and the servomotor that was launched on the market in 2003.

Kollmorgen Servomotor AKM1-AKD
Only two wires are needed to supply the digital resolver with power, to communicate, and to simultaneously transfer the motor ID and the temperature data. As a result, Kollmorgen can implement single-cable technology with an eight-pole standard motor cable - three phases, one PE, two for the brakes, and two for the feedback system. Due to the high interference resistance, data can be transferred safely within a cable without EMC problems.

Moreover, the further development of the robust and inexpensive feedback system - reduces the variety in connection technology. Note that resolvers are used in more than half of all servo applications. The background is both motors with digital resolver SFD3 ( and drives with Multiturn or Hiperface DSL encoder can be connected with one single cable type. This means that existing feedback systems in machines can be easily replaced later, without having to completely reinstall all of the cabling. In addition, there is no risk of confusion, because only one cable type is consistently used.

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