Tuesday 6 May 2014

Robot Systems Integrator of the Year recognised!

As one of Japans foremost technology companies and one of the worlds leading manufacturers, Mitsubishi Electric know all about the challenges faced by world class manufacturing companies. They have developed a whole suite of Automation products and solutions, such as their innovative robots, to address these challenges.

Mitsubishi Electric work closely with the top integrators across Europe, and indeed the world, to deliver these innovative solutions across multiple industries. It is in recognition of these integrators’ ingenuity, skill and hard work that Mitsubishi Electric Ireland Branch has launched their Inaugural European “Robot Systems Integrator of the Year” Award. This award recognises the best-in-class Mitsubishi Electric Robot Integrators.

Modular Automation Ltd. have been awarded this prestigious title.
From Left: Shane Quilligan Operations Manager Modular Automation, Ciaran Moody General Manager Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Ireland Branch, Mike Lane General Manager Modular Automation and Martin Dolan Business Development manager Modular Automation.
Ciarán Moody, General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Ireland Branch says, “It is with great personal pleasure we recognize an indigenous Irish company as one of the top Mitsubishi Electric European Integration partners. Modular Automation have set a benchmark by bringing first class manufacturing solutions to the toughest of manufacturing environments to our mutual customers.”

Modular Automation was established in 1986 in Shannon, Co. Clare. Initially the company began designing and manufacturing tools and fixtures. It quickly grew to developing larger machines for industry - due to a strong emphasis on design and advanced CAD capabilities.

Every machine developed by Modular Automation is designed, built and tested under the strictest environments. Modular Automation continuously invest in new technologies, training and the development of their facilities to ensure the products and solutions they provide are both world class and technologically advanced.

“I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of our team at Modular Automation. Mitsubishi Electric have a vast range of robots to suit our broad field of applications. Speed and reliability are the key factors for success in any robot transfer system running 24/7. Mitsubishi Electric have helped us deliver this winning combination for more than 10 years,” Mike Lane, General Manager, Modular Automation Ltd.

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