Thursday 15 May 2014

“Best of 2014" for apps!

The eleventh IT Innovation Prize was awarded in 41 categories. An independent jury made up of eminent scientists, industry experts and IT journalists had the task of judging the approximately 5000 entries.

The Simatic apps developed by the Siemens Industry Sector for smartphones and tablets are used not only to gather information but also for the commissioning, operation, diagnosis, maintenance and servicing of machines and plants.

These apps are designed to address the needs of the specific application, providing mobile user suppport with products such as Logo! logic modules, Simatic S7 controllers and solutions in fields such as operation and monitoring with Simatic HMI Comfort Panels and the WinCC OA Scada system. The Sm@rtClient app, for instance, is designed to allow remote plant operation and maintenance, even using the hardware buttons as if standing directly in front of the device. The functional scope of the WinCC OA app extends to the monitoring and control of largescale tunnel systems and wind farms.

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