Thursday 1 May 2014

New Scheduler Module For Matrix Gemini LIMS!

Autoscribe has unveiled a completely revised version of the Scheduler module for the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The versatile new Matrix Scheduler runs as a “service” so that even if a user logs off their PC the schedule is still executed. It allows the scheduling of user-defined tasks based on specific dates or dates built from the classifiers of years, months, weeks, days and times. One example might be: ’14.30 on the 3rd Thursday of January, March, and September’.

The module also allows non-working dates (i.e weekends and public holidays) to be programmed in with the option to include or exclude tasks that would be scheduled to occur during these periods. Where a user task is not allowed to be launched on either a weekend or a public holiday and an actual scheduled date falls at that time, the scheduled date can be rescheduled forwards or backwards.

Matrix Scheduler comprises three parts: new workflow screens to manage the scheduling of user tasks and holidays from within Matrix Gemini itself, a separate Matrix TaskLauncher which is a Windows service, and the actual task libraries which contain the specific tasks. Matrix TaskLauncher not only performs ‘Matrix’ operations but is also capable of running any appropriate Windows executable files.

Two predefined task libraries are installed with Scheduler: sample registration using a Bulk Sample Registration template, and printing or exporting of predefined reports using Crystal Reports. Both these task libraries automate the corresponding manual action from within Matrix Gemini. Other task libraries can be developed and added. User task management allows the management and scheduling of user tasks. It has all the usual management screens as well as screens for viewing user task launches and for the scheduling of user tasks.

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