Friday 2 May 2014

Marking partnership that helped shape automation in Ireland!

One of Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s largest and longest serving distributors in Ireland, Industrial Solutions Ltd is celebrating its twenty first anniversary, marking a remarkable partnership which has helped shape the automation industry throughout Ireland.
From left: Andy Fotrell Managing Director Industrial Solutions, Ciarán Moody General Manager Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Ireland Branch, and Frank McGinty Technical Director Industrial Solutions.

Established in 1993, Mitsubishi Electric Europe and Industrial Solutions partnered to ensure the supply and support of automation equipment that was both technologically excellent and reliable across Ireland. With this commitment, the relationship between Mitsubishi Electric Europe and Industrial Solutions has flourished, and today the companies are celebrating 21 years of successful business together.

“It is rare to have a business relationship that grows into a true partnership, but we have been fortunate to have developed just that with Industrial Solutions. Over the past 21 years we have enjoyed mutual success due to a shared vision making Industrial Solutions a key partner of Mitsubishi Electric. We expect our relationship to continue to develop and thrive over the coming years,” states Ciarán Moody General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Ireland Branch

Addressing the requirements of the Irish manufacturing industry, which is one of the most sophisticated in Europe, Industrial Solutions supplies a full range of Mitsubishi Electric automation equipment, providing a complete portfolio of advanced technologies. The MELSEC PLC range extends from the simplest micro unit such as the FX1S to the powerful and intelligent Q-series. These are complemented by an equally impressive range of Inverters, Robots, Servo and Motion, HMIs (human machine interfaces), Low voltage equipment, software, remote I/O, process controllers and networks.

Andy Fottrell, Managing Director of Industrial Solutions says: “Our relationship with Mitsubishi Electric is a perfect balance of technology and expertise and we contribute much of our success due to their range of technologically advanced product and solution. We are proud of the roles that Industrial Solutions and Mitsubishi Electric have played in the country’s industrial development.”

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