Wednesday 7 May 2014

Remote I/Os for hazardous areas face endurance tests in tough conditions.

Tried-and-tested IS1+ system now features triple warranty

While other remote I/O solutions on the market usually have a one-year warranty, R. Stahl has voluntarily extended the warranty for its robust hazardous area IS1+ system to three years – without any extra charge. The explosion protection expert takes this step in the wake of extremely successful lab trials as well as very positive experiences garnered from extensive practical tests. Even under very rugged conditions and strained to the limit of their resilience, e.g. in continuous operation at temperatures up to +90 °C and exposed to repeated temperature changes from -40 to +95 °C, IS1+ modules proved virtually indestructible: no defects or failures occurred.

Due to a new low power design for the modules that ensures minimal power loss and effective heat dissipation via the housing, IS1+ allows for an extended ambient temperature specification covering a wide range from ­40 to +75 °C. This also means that the modules will reach an extraordinary lifespan of up to 15 years in applications with more moderate conditions. In addition, since the modules’ power consumption has been reduced by up to 50%, energy costs for the operation of process plants are decreased as well.

IS1+ offers outstanding functions and features, such as mixed modules with I/O parameterisation as well as diagnoses and maintenance alerts according to the NAMUR NE107 scheme. The versatile Remote I/O system supports hot work and hot swapping, which makes it very cost-efficient: thanks to its consistently intrinsically safe structure with an intrinsically safe fieldbus based on either PROFIBUS DP or an Industrial Ethernet implementation with Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, or PROFINET, the system can be easily extended or reconfigured in hazardous areas.

In addition to international explosion protection certificates for all major and medium-sized markets, IS1+ also features several shipbuilding approvals, which makes the system suitable for virtually universal use worldwide. Offering more than 30 years of experience in the systems business and know-how regarding all standard automation systems as well as corresponding bus protocols, R. Stahl is capable of customising IS1+ setups to user requirements and delivering turnkey solutions.

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