Saturday 10 May 2014

Tube and surface inspection!

Ashtead Technology, has been appointed ‘preferred rental partner’ for the Ectane® tube and surface inspection system by the Canadian instrument manufacturer Eddyfi NDT Inc.

The Ectane is a high-performance surface array and multi-technology tube inspection system employing ultrasonic, eddy current and electromagnetic technology for the detection and assessment of flaws such as cracks or corrosion in conductive materials. Ashtead’s NDT Market Manager Neil Harrap says: “As a compact, lightweight, battery-powered instrument offering high levels of accuracy and performance, the Ectane is an important addition to our portfolio.

“It is significantly more advanced than anything else on the market, which means that the Ectane delivers a better assessment of the application – enabling users to conduct faster, easier, more effective inspections and therefore to make better decisions.”

The Ectane has become hugely popular around the world, but this is the first time that it has been available to rent in Britain, and typical applications include manufacturing, power generation, oil & gas, aerospace, research and higher education.

The instrument is available from Ashtead in a variety of configurations with almost any combination of conventional eddy current (ECT), array (ECA), remote field/near field/magnetic flux leakage (RFT/NFT/MFL), and internal rotating inspection system (IRIS) techniques. By combining two or more techniques, the requirement for additional instruments is reduced or eliminated.

Each instrument is supplied with Magnifi® acquisition and analysis software for multi-technology surface and tube inspections, so the Ectane is ideal for work that demands data storage and/or advanced analysis. In common with all of Ashtead Technology’s products, technical support is available to help choose the most appropriate technology and configuration for every application.

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