Monday 12 May 2014

Basic flow measurement - on-line!

A new basic course on flow measurement is available on the Krohne Academy online learning platform: Participants of the course "Electromagnetic flowmeters" will find a broad range of topics related to this flow measuring principle in three modules.
Krohne Academy online is a free online eLearning training tool, focusing on various elements within the area of industrial process measurement and consists of electronic learning content with full audio. The company does not advertise any of its own measuring devices; instead, the descriptions and explanations of measuring technology are given in an industry comprehensive way that is not related to specific manufacturers.
The first module deals with the history and the general areas of application, the measuring principle itself and the construction of an electromagnetic flowmeter. It is followed by the second module with the material selection and special types of electromagnetic flowmeters, the sizing, the measuring accuracy as well as the calibration of an electromagnetic flowmeter.

The third module covers the topics installation and grounding, limitations and advantages, and the industries and applications in which electromagnetic flowmeters can be used. (The course is available in English, German and Russian, a French version will be soon available.)

Registration is free.

• Krohne products are marketed in Ireland by DWN Instrumentation.

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