Monday 14 October 2013

Efficiency – It’s not just about operating energy consumption says Rittal #BIS

Rittal’s new TopTherm fan-and-filter unit makes installation and servicing simpler and quicker as mounting on the enclosure, electrical connection, reversal of the direction of airflow and replacement of the filter mat are all possible without the use of any tools.

The changeover to Rittal’s TopTherm fan-and-filter unit has been made as simple as possible by maintaining the air throughputs and cut-out dimensions of the previous product range. Original equipment manufacturers, panel builders and end users alike may upgrade to the new fan-and-filter without any change to the metalwork in which it is to be installed. The same may be said of Rittal’s TopTherm Blue e cooling unit, as the cooling outputs, mounting cut-outs and dimensions of the series that it replaces, have been maintained.

Improved performance against increased static pressure difference results in an extended filter service life that not only reduces running costs but also saves time due to longer maintenance intervals.

RiDiag II is a useful software tool for the TopTherm Blue e cooling unit, allowing the parameters of cooling units to be changed quickly and easily, as well as stored remotely.
The RiNano coated condenser in Rittal’s cooling units extends servicing intervals by minimising the adhesion of water, dirt and oil, ensuring a more consistent cooling output for a longer period of time.

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