Wednesday 30 October 2013

Remote Monitoring & Analysis solution for oil & gas company

TOTAL S.A., the leading global oil and gas company with operations activities in more than 50 countries, has chosen Proficy® SmartSignal for its predictive analytics and Remote Monitoring & Analysis solution.

“TOTAL has a very large fleet of rotating turbo machinery,” said Bernard Quoix, Head of Rotating Machinery for TOTAL Group. “The objective of this solution is to constantly monitor these equipment from headquarters, or a remote base anywhere in the world, and produce appropriate alerts and alarms when abnormal running conditions are present. This will allow our maintenance and engineering teams to analyze and launch appropriate maintenance actions.”

Proficy SmartSignal predictive analytics software can identify impending equipment problems early and helps avoid unexpected shutdowns and catastrophic failures. It can identify what is going to fail, what is the apparent cause of the failure, and what is the priority of the impending failure. And it can do this automatically and continuously.

The reliability of rotating machines in operation at TOTAL sites will be further improved with a direct positive impact on production.

“Advances in the Industrial Internet like sensors, hardware, software and analytics have enabled companies to prolong the lifespan of their assets, while optimizing their efficiency,” said Brian Courtney, General Manager, Industrial Data Management Software for GE Intelligent Platforms. “The Industrial Internet, via predictive analytics, helps customers moving from reactive to proactive, allowing them to fix minor issues before they become major ones. This greatly reduces costs while improving overall return on investment.”

Leveraging existing instrumentation, tools and IT infrastructure, Proficy SmartSignal works on any equipment from any OEM and can detect the broadest range of equipment problems across the widest variety of assets, load ranges and failure modes.

GE will provide TOTAL with system set-up and installation of Proficy SmartSignal, project implementation and monitoring services and support. The project began in mid-2013 and will be deployed over a multi-year fleet plan that includes all of TOTAL’s exploration and production sites around the world.

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