Monday 14 October 2013

Robust oxygen analyser for combustion control monitors its own “heartbeat”

The XZR200 Oxygen Analyzer from Michell Instruments offers users added peace of mind with a built-in early warning system that alerts operators of any faults with the unit. A 3.3 V DC logic output acts as a ‘heartbeat’ and enables operators to check on the health of the sensor preventing incorrect measurements. False oxygen measurements may result in a faulty combustion process causing higher fuel costs, and leading to loss of revenue or penalties.

The XZR200 sensor is highly reliable with up to 7 years life expectancy in clean gases and up to 1 year in very aggressive conditions such as coal fired combustion.

The performance of the XZR200 is paired with an affordable price. It is capable of measuring percentage oxygen to better than 1% of span (or 0.5% O2) with ranges of 0-25% and 0-100% available. The easy-to-install analyzer offers four configuration options, with two choices of probe length and two temperature ranges (+250°C/+400°C). The lower temperature range (up to +250°C) is suitable for low-temperature applications such as food and drink packaging, while the higher temperature range of up to +400°C serves combustion control.

The product has been designed to integrate seamlessly into existing systems, as no specialist software is required and the RS232 output can be accessed via a PC.

• Michell Instruments are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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