Wednesday 23 October 2013

LIMS customer survey results announced!

Autoscribe has recently conducted a satisfaction survey with its Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) customers worldwide. 

Their CEO, John Boother, said: “Producing management software suitable for use in wide and varied laboratory environments requires much more than just programming skills. We wanted to understand our customers’ feelings about all the aspects of our business, from the sales experience through implementation and support services as well as the quality of the software itself.” 

While careful attention is being paid to the response to every single question in the survey, they were heartened by the overall levels of satisfaction expressed by its customers. When asked what they saw for the future of the Matrix Gemini LIMS in their organisation based on their needs and experiences of the product, over 90% of the respondents said that they would either continue as they are, expand use to other departments or sites, add more licences or upgrade the current version.

By far and away the most popular feature of Matrix is its flexibility and ease of configuration according to the survey and almost half of the respondents make use of the web-based user interface which is supplied as standard. Sales assistance, implementation services, support services together with software quality and reliability all received very similar high scores.

“Only by listening to customers’ opinions can we understand where we should concentrate our efforts to improve”, continued Boother. “We felt the survey was very representative, covering many geographic areas and a wide range of laboratory sizes, with some handling as few as 250 samples a month and others handling up to 75000 samples per month so we were particularly delighted to hear that 81% of respondents would recommend Matrix to another user.”

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