Friday 18 October 2013

Secure connection of redundant networks!

The new security module Scalance S627-2M from the Siemens protects automation networks from unauthorised access by means of a firewall. In this way, redundant network structures, for example redundant rings, can also be securely connected for the first time according to MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol) or HRP (High Speed Redundancy).

• Security module Scalance S627-2M protects against unauthorized access, also inside redundant network structures, by means of a firewall
• Connection of electrical and optical connections to a device
• Flexible use in line and ring structures
• Fault-tolerant connections with two security modules operated in parallel
Scalance S627-2M is equipped with three fixed electrical ports, including one secure and one DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) port, as well as two slots for media modules which can be optionally connected. As an option, the user can add up to two electrical or optical ports per media module and thus integrate the security module directly in optical networks. Furthermore, fault-tolerant connections can be realized by means of two units used in parallel. As soon as one security module fails, the second device is automatically activated from standby mode and takes over data traffic.

With up to seven ports in total, Scalance S627-2M enables protection of the most varied network topologies with firewalls and therefore the flexible implementation of security concepts. For example, the security module can connect redundant rings with a backbone cable or two ring structures, as well as link individual automation cells to a higher-level network. With the help of various media modules, mixed networks can also be set up with electrical and optical connections both in long-range single-mode and in multi-mode with more bandwidth.

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