Thursday 31 October 2013

Cost optimised electro-mechanical joining module

The new NCFB electro-mechanical joining modules from Kistler Instruments have been value engineered to provide a cost effective solution to many assembly and joining processes. Two versions of the new design are available, each with two measuring ranges. The smaller version has measuring ranges of 5 and 15 kN with 200 mm stroke at a speed of 250 mm/s and the larger version has ranges of 25 and 50 kN with a 400 mm stroke length at 150 mm/s. Both types retain the precision and flexibility of the NC modules with stroke length repeatability in real world conditions of 0.01 mm.

The ram is driven by an electronically commutated AC servo motor controlled by servo electronics to ensure constant rotational and therefore translational speed. The integrated piezoelectric force sensor with integral charge amplifier and absolute displacement encoder provide accurate and reliable operation over the module’s long service life of approximately 5 million cycles. Standard functions such as block pressing, position pressing and force feedback controlled pressing as well as intermediate positioning are all supported.

The modules may be flange mounted vertically or horizontally and threaded bores of sufficient strength to hold tools are provided on the face of the ram. The maximum tool weight without holding brake is 10 kg or 50 kg with holding brake for the smaller unit and 15 kg or 100 kg for the larger.

In addition to economical initial cost, the new modules share the low installation and operating costs of the NC range requiring only an electrical supply and cabling to the servo controller and monitoring and evaluation unit which communicates with the machine interface to provide OK/NOK commands. All Kistler NC joining modules are very energy efficient and low maintenance, compared with pneumatic and hydraulic systems, giving a very short cost recovery period, often less than 24 months depending on the specific application.

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