Tuesday 15 October 2013

A range of open frame and chassis LCD monitors

All-in-one monitors simplify system integration

Ginsbury have announced the introduction of a new range of open frame and chassis LCD monitors. Ginsbury's open frame LCD monitors have been designed for simple and easy system integration, negating the need to source individual display and peripheral components. All of Ginsbury's open frame monitors are mounted on durable metal frames incorporating the LCD panel, an analogue to digital interface board, a backlight driver and any associated cables and connectors. Construction includes a main chassis with an EMI cover plate and VESA compliant mounting holes.

Paul Constable, Product Manager, Ginsbury said, "Ginsbury's open frame and chassis monitors provide robust and well integrated subassemblies for use where high performance display systems are required."

Ginsbury's Chassis LCD monitors are fitted with an integrated front bezel but are otherwise of similar construction to their Open Frame counterparts.

Touchscreen integration is supported with options for projected or surface capacitive, 4 or 5-wire resistive, surface acoustic wave (SAW) and infra red (IR). The integrated touchscreen controller supports either a USB or RS232 serial interface. Digital and analogue video inputs are supported.
Available sizes!
The Ginsbury open frame and chassis LCD monitors are ideally suited for use in applications such as public information terminals, industrial process equipment, ticketing and vending machines, gaming, digital signage and are available immediately.

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